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  • 08/09/2021

Really, it’s the whole area around the Buffalo River that has been my Eden and my escape in the course of the pandemic. The foliage is so lush and densely packed that my household has nicknamed it “the broccoli.” Even in winter, there’s nonetheless a lot green. As a kid, the bridge over the Hudson River was at all times some extent of travel. On a Sunday night in September, I found myself sitting at Pierson Park in Tarrytown, watching the sunset over the Tappan Zee.

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Nestled between the vast green valleys and the quiet mountains, this trek offers one of the best picturesque views. Trek through the verdant bushes, terraced fields, glaciers, aromatic orchids and meadows. What’s more, sure, don’t miss a possibility to analyze the enriching forest which has moulded itself for an excellent view.

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On entry, all travellers, no matter vaccination status, should now show …